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In this article you can find the answers on frequently asked questions regarding travel conditions and provisions for preventing the spread of COVID-19.

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Do I need to make a test before travelling to Latvia?

No, if you have the EU Digital COVID Certificate.

Otherwise, the PCR test should be made no earlier than 3 days (72 hours) before arrival to Latvia.

Do I need to observe the self-isolation upon arrival?


All officially accredited participants of the festival are not required to observe the self-isolation.

However, if you are arriving from a high and very high public health threat country, outside the participation in the tournament you should stay at your official place of stay.

What are additional measures for participants from high public health threat countries?

Besides the PCR test before arrival to Latvia, two additional tests are mandatory.

The 2nd test must be made no later than 24 hours after the arrival.

The 3rd test must be made on the 5th – 7th day after leaving the departure country.

During the event, the person shall not visit other public or social places, including bars and restaurants, as well as shall try to limit contact with other people.

After arrival from high public health threat country the participants should submit the certification regarding the fact that they will comply with all determined restrictions and will observe their health status.

How can I become an officially accredited person?

All players who are included in the list of participants published on the official website of the festival automatically become officially accredited persons.

Accompanying persons who are willing to become officially accredited person should contact the organizers by the e-mail chess@rtu.lv.

How will I receive the accreditation?

The accreditations will be sent to all participants and registered accompanying persons to the specified email at registration no later than on the 1st of August.

How to know if I am traveling from low or high public health threat country?

As low public health threat are considered countries where the 14-day cumulative number of COVID-19 cases per 100 000 inhabitants does not exceed rate 75. Other countries are considered as high or very high public health threat.

The list of countries subject to special safety measures is available here.

The list of included countries is updated every Friday.

Is it mandatory to wear face masks in the playing venue?


Where can I make a PCR test if needed?

The nearest testing lab is located only 100 meters from the playing venue.

What is the cost of a PCR test?

The price varies from 30.00 EUR to 50.00 EUR depending on the type of test and the service provider.