COVIDPASS.LV: How to fill in correctly?

Before arrival to the Latvia is it required to fill in the digital application form available at COVIDpass official website.

By filling in this form, you provide information regarding your travel and confirm that, upon arrival in Latvia, you will comply with the epidemiological safety measures implemented in the country for the containment of the spread of COVID-19 infection.

So, how to fill-in the form correctly? Just follow the instructions below!


Go to COVIDpass official website.

The platform is available in English, Russian and Latvian.


First specify the region you are arriving from; second choose the specific country you are arriving from. Please note, that you should specify the country, which is start point of your travel, not the latest transit.

As a next step you should specify if you have a valid COVID-19 certificate.

Are you in doubt whether your certificate is valid? Take a look on this article, it will help you:

If you have a valid COVID-19 certification, you will be allowed to proceed to the next step.

In case you do not have a COVID-19 digital certificate, you will be informed that a valid test is required to enter Latvia.

If you are travelling from a third country, the additional question “Are you subject to the exceptions regarding 10 day self-isolation?” will be required to answer. Since participants of international sporting events are not required to observe the self-isolation, you should choose option “Yes”.

Next the following window may arise. If there are not any suitable option to choose, we recommend choosing option “Work”.

If you are accompanying person of underaged participant, please choose option “Accompanying underaged”.


Now you should specify your personal data. Please indicate the e-mail address you use regularly. When completing the form, you will receive a QR code with the necessary information for confirmation of submission at mentioned e-mail.

If you are filling out this form for minors, you should check the necessary box and provide following information.

As a last step you should tick box “I accept” and “I’m not a robot”.

Congratulations, the form is filled in!

Remember! The form must be completed within 48h before crossing the border of Latvia. Administrative liability from 10 up to 2,000 EUR is stipulated for non-submission of the electronic form.