IMPORTANT: All you must know to enter Lavia

This article will provide you with all necessary information regarding travel conditions and safety measures after entering Latvian and during the festival. The following information is being regularly updated in accordance with changes in local legislation.

  1. The infographic – summary of travel conditions.

The specially designed infographic in an understandable way clarifies cumbersome and constantly changing legal rules concerning entering Latvia.


  1. Additional safety measures.

Participants, who within the last 10 days after entering Latvia have visited high or very high public health threat countries must comply with additional safety measures according to the local legislation.

Not later than 24 hours after arrival in the territory of Latvia, such participants must submit to the Organizing Committee of the festival the certification with confirmation that the participant is aware of epidemiological safety measures for restriction of the spread of Covid-19 infection being implemented in Latvia and undertake to observe them.

The draft of the certification is available here:

  1. Receive the accreditation!

This year all the persons involved in the course of the festival and related to ensuring the course of the festival (including participants, organizers, arbiters etc.) must be accredited.

Please note that all players included in the list of participants become accredited automatically, so players are not required to do any additional activities.

In turn trainers, press representatives and accompanying persons willing to enter the playing venue, must apply for accreditation by filling in the special form:

  1. Check the validity of your digital certificate!

The digital Covid-19 certificate is proof that a person has been vaccinated against Covid-19, tested for the virus, or recovered from it. It is actively used worldwide, for example, as a confirmation for receiving a service or attending an institution or event. However, certificates issued by different countries may be unrecognized in other countries.

So, how to understand is your certificate recognized in Latvia or not? Just follow the instruction here:

  1. Do not forget to fill in the!

Before arrival to the Latvia is it required to fill in the digital application form available at

By filling in this form, you provide information regarding your travel and confirm that, upon arrival in Latvia, you will comply with the epidemiological safety measures implemented in the country for the containment of the spread of COVID-19 infection.

Check our prepared instructions on how to fill in the

  1. Do you still have questions?

Probably, we have an answer! Check out the FAQ section à

In the article above you can find answers on frequently asked questions regarding travel conditions and provisions for preventing the spread of COVID-19. If you cannot find the answer to your question, please outline your query and get in contact with us at

We wish you a safe travel and we are really looking forward to celebrating the anniversary of our festival together with you!